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We Treat Pets Like FAMILY

100% All Natural and Organic - Human Grade

Check Out Our Treats!

About Us

Hello! I'm Kimberly, dog mom, and founder of Happy Faces Dog Treats.

Newly founded in 2022, Happy Faces Dog Treats is a bake-to-order business located in Stephens City, Virginia.

I chose to make dog treats as a profession not only because I enjoy handcrafting treats for our four dogs​ so much, but also for

the happiness it brings to people and their pets.

Our Mission

To handcraft 100% all-natural dog treats one small batch at a time that are: • Gluten-Free  • Non-GM​O  • Human-Grade

• 100 % Organic •​ No Corn • No Soy • No Wheat • No Salt

• No Artificial Colors or Flavors

Our Vision

Simply, to create good-tasting healthy treats that

dogs and you will love!

What our customers are saying

Holli just texted me. She said Philli,

their little 6 lb dog, dug the treat you

made out of her purse and ate it.

She never eats treats.

– Debbie